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Current Jetstream Winds
Surface Feature Map across Northcentral US
Radar Image from the NWS in Green Bay, WI
Temperatures across the area
Current satellite image centered on Wisconsin
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Forecast  Jetstream Winds out to 6 days
Latest Jetstream position   (300 mb height)
Jetstream Forecast - out to 6 days
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Northeastern Wisconsin
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US Enhance IR Satellite Image
Watches, Warnings, and Advisories from the NWS across Wisconsin
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Enhanced-color infrared satelitte image of U.S.
Matrix of Thunderstorms and Precipation Outlooks for the Next 3 Days
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Day 2 - Tomorrow
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Current Mesoscale Discussions
Current Severe Watches
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Upcoming weather hazards to watch 3 to 7 days into the future

today's Weather Story for east-central and northeastern WI

Hazard Outlook: Days 3-7
Wisconsin's Drought Conditions updated weekly
Precip Needed to Break Drought
Quantitative Precipitation Forecast for next 5 days
Precip Needed to Break Drought
Precipitation needed to end the drought
Total precipitation forecast in the next 5 days
US Fire Danger Map - Day 2
US Fire Danger Map - Day 1
Fire Weather Outlook -- Today
Fire Weather Outlook - Tomorrow